Are you a sheep farmer who would be interested in learning more about the Hampshire Down breed and potentially developing your own flock?

Would you like to be part of an innovative network of breeders who support and learn from each other?

The Modern Terminal Sire

The Hampshire Down is ‘The Modern Terminal Sire’ – a ram that provides the right genetics to maximise lamb growth and feed efficiency. It produces a high quality carcass which is low in fat with just the right amount of marbling to meet the demands of discerning customers.

The benefits of farming the Hampshire Down breed include:

  • They quickly reach market weight, fed purely on grass with no concentrates
  • They are easy to lamb, quick to suckle and are a robust and hardy breed
  • They produce a well fleshed carcass with one of the highest eye muscle scores of any breed of sheep
  • They are renowned for their succulent tasty meat

Hampshire Down Lamb Scheme

We’ve developed the Hampshire Down lamb marketing scheme to enable sheep farmers to achieve a premium price for their lambs, whilst providing local retailers and consumers with high quality and delicious lamb products.

Lambs purchased through the scheme will be delivered to our processor and distributed to our network of butchers and retailers for purchase by local consumers.

The following requirements must be met to enable your lambs to become part of our scheme:

  • Lambs must be bred from a pedigree Hampshire ram.
  • Lambs must be grass fed from birth
  • Lambs must be capable of achieving U or R grades
  • Lambs must come from Farm Quality Assured flocks

If you would like to discuss the scheme with one of our group members, please complete the contact form below or call Trevor on 07753 984 950.

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“Hampshire Downs are a true heritage breed prized for its naturally sweet and tender meat. This makes their meat the first choice for our customers”

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“Customers are commenting on the better taste they are finding in the Hampshire cross meat we are selling”

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