Our History

The Hampshire Down breed was established in the South Downs of England during the 19th Century and has been popular in Ireland for many years. There are currently around 35 pedigree Hampshire Down breeders in Northern Ireland and over 100 in the Republic of Ireland.

Aside from their distinctive black faces and thick wool coats, Hampshire Down sheep are unique in many ways, and it is these distinctive features that make them an ideal breed to supply to the people of Northern Ireland.

Production & Provenance

The lambs we supply to our retail customers are all from NI Quality Assured Flocks and produced and processed to our established high standards.

Bred from Hampshire Down pedigree rams, these lambs are fully grown and ready for market sooner than many other breeds of sheep. They are also purely grass fed which supports our vision for sustainably produced lamb meat and a reduced carbon footprint.

Our Hampshire Down lambs have well developed muscling in the loin and leg areas and are well known for their marbling, which is often used to assess meat quality. High muscle eye scores combined with a level of interstitial fat makes our lamb an attractive product to butchers and consumers. The Hampshire Down has been described as the ‘Aberdeen Angus’ of the sheep world and is renowned for its succulent, tasty meat.

Our Stockists

Partners That Trust Us

“Hampshire Downs are a true heritage breed prized for its naturally sweet and tender meat. This makes their meat the first choice for our customers”

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“Customers are commenting on the better taste they are finding in the Hampshire cross meat we are selling”

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