Hampshire Down Lamb is currently stocked in a small number of butchers as detailed on our stockists’ page .

However, we are actively looking to team up with more butchers, delicatessens, farm shops, food service businesses, convenience stores and other retail outlets in towns and cities across Northern Ireland to make our produce accessible to customers without the need to travel excessive distances.

If you are a retailer or food service organisation and would like to discuss the potential of stocking Hampshire Down Lamb, please complete the contact form below or call Trevor on 07753 984 950

Hello, please use the form below in order to get in touch with our team.
Our Stockists

Partners That Trust Us

“Hampshire Downs are a true heritage breed prized for its naturally sweet and tender meat. This makes their meat the first choice for our customers”

24 Holywood Road

“Customers are commenting on the better taste they are finding in the Hampshire cross meat we are selling”

3 Cross Street, Killyleagh
BT30 9QG


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